Reading List

27 Oct 2015

I read a lot. Here are the things I read.

My main dose of current affairs. There’s almost never fluff pieces, and I find the weekly newsmagazine format suits my habits a lot more than a daily newspaper. Their science & technology section is also genuinely excellent.

Most people start reading Private Eye for the cartoons, and then realise they do some of the best investigative journalism in the UK. Rotten Boroughs and In The Back are full of important stuff that everyone should read.

The best of the bunch as far as tech websites go. Probably not nearly as developer based as I would like. Their UK site has been championing an anti-survelliance agenda at the moment, which I’m quite impressed by.

Above all else, the best thing about RPS is that they treat videogames as a medium rather than a weird hobby. I trust their opinion on PC games more than anywhere else. Talk a lot about smaller, independent games.

Significantly more technical and usually cover the game creation process rather than reviewing the finished product. Their blog section is excellent.

Often pretentious, but I have yet to find another site whose taste in films I share more. They review a lot of movies outside the mainstream I’d have never heard of otherwise.

I’m pretty sure I learned more from Dinosaur Comics when I was a student than I did from my actual physics course. Ryan North also writes the excellent Adventure Time comics series.

Where better to learn about what’s happening in the mainstream media than something that mocks it relentlessly?