| under nda
jul 15 - current | toolstack: ???

My current job is under NDA, so I can’t talk about it! You can be assured it’s very exciting.


| foosball ranking slack bot
jul 15 - current | toolstack: python, theano, slack

A foosball bot that tracks and ranks players via Slack.

this website

| personal website
nov 15 - dec 15 | toolstack: ruby, jekyll, sass, html

Look around you! My personal portfolio and website. Graciously modified from http://sevko.io.

fallout terminal hacker

| videogame minigame assistant
nov 15 | toolstack: ruby

A script to help you solve the terminal hacking minigame in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas.

acceptance test quickstart

| web testing framework
nov 15 - current | toolstack: ruby, cucumber, capybara, selenium

An open source framework which to start web ui testing with in minutes, using the best tools and practices the industry has to offer. Includes headless testing, parallel test execution, browserstack support and automated documentation generation.


| hearthstone management app
jan - jul 15 | toolstack: ruby, rails, sass, cucumber, capybara

A light website for tracking and managing Hearthstone card collections, written in rails. A personal project deployed on my own website.

itv hub

| video on demand service
jan 15 - jul 15 | toolstack: ruby, scala, cucumber, gatling, selenium, ruby

performance and functional testing for the rebuild of itv’s video on demand website.


| test tool and framework
oct 13 - dec 14 | toolstack: vbscript, qtp, alm, .net

An enterprise tool and testing framework for the HP software ecosystem.


| government project
dec 12 - july 13 | toolstack: vbscript, qtp, alm

Responsible for automated test creation, maintainance and execution on an important government project.