Fallout hacking minigame script

16 Nov 2015
tags: coding

The password cracking minigame on Fallout is so annoying, I made a little script to help you do it.

It’s because I’ve been playing Fallout: New Vegas for the first time recently. Lots of my friends are playing Fallout 4, which I’m not all that excited by - but I thought I’d play New Vegas instead, because I really like Obsidian Entertainment. It may be mostly because one of their founders is Chris Avellone, who was the principal designer of Planescape Torment, one of my favourite games of all time.

Fallout Terminal

Anyway, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas both have this little minigame you have to do every time you want to ‘hack’ a terminal, because of course computers let anybody access root if you do a trivial little word game. It’s very annoying, not much fun, and way better done by a script. So I wrote one.

You can find it on Github here, along with the instructions on how to use it.

I am sadly aware that it probably would have been quicker to use a pen and paper than spend an hour writing this.

~ Matt