Testbash slides

22 Mar 2018
tags: testing, speaking

I recently was lucky enough to speak at Testbash Brighton last week - and had a whale of a time meeting everyone, new and old. It’s genuinely crazy to me that I’m talking to 400-500 ish people and taken as seriously as someone like Alan Page. Are you guys nuts?

Anyway, I’ve uploaded my slides for the talk “Why we should test programmable infrastructure” here.

If you’re a member of the Ministry of Testing dojo you can also watch the talk online. I believe it’s also available to anyone who attended TestBash. It should be available Soon™.

I’ve done a similarly titled talk in the past, which you may also be interested in. I’ve shifted the focus away from automation and tooling, and more towards devops and culture. After all, people problems are intrinsically harder than tooling problems, at least in my eyes. If you want that older talk, it’s available either on InfoQ or on the website for muCon. That said, I am reasonably adamant that the TestBash version is the superior version.

If videos (or my accent) aren’t to your taste, I also wrote a blog post on the OpenCredo blog on the same subject (though, again, more focused on automation).