global payment provider

| test tooling and architecting
sept 21 - present | toolstack: java, iso20022, cucumber, rabbitmq, performance tests

Writing test tooling for development and test teams, so that they may test the next version of an important global payments provider.

death in videogames

| analysing the relationship between videogames and death
mar 21 - present | toolstack: jekyll, ruby, sass

A personal blog/essay project, which analyses a videogame at a time and how it treats the topic of death. This ranges from everything from the consequences of a player death, who and why does the player kill, and how deaths are treated from a narrative and thematic perspective.

toy manufacturer logistics

| messaging and mapping hub
feb 21 - sept 21 | toolstack: aws, kubernetes, terraform, java, spring boot, github actions, argocd, helm

Working for a major international toy manufacturer on a new messaging and mapping hub for their distribution centres. Setting up the cloud infrastructure, pipelines and acceptance test suite from scratch.

cloud native banking platform (various)

| tooling / platform for major new banking platform
oct 18 - dec 20 | toolstack: aws, kubernetes, terraform, golang, concourseci, jenkins, groovy, helm

Working on various platform tooling teams for a new banking platform. Improving and maintaining the platform for which all teams deploy their services, support teams to work effectively on the platform, and organizing teams to deploy major releases.

credit agency saas platform

| infrastructure for major new saas platform
jul 18 - oct 18 | toolstack: kafka, zookeeper, jenkins, aws, terraform

Working on the platform team for a household name credit agency and their new SaaS platform. Maintaining and extending the capabilities of the shared tooling that all teams used, such as Kafka and Jenkins.


| multinational e-commerce application
mar 18 - jul 18 | toolstack: java, spring, selenium, exploratory testing

Working as a test engineer on tier 2 application for one of the most popular websites in the world. Pairing with developers, and doing regular risk analysis and exploratory sessions to uncover new issues. Rebuilt their custom made web test automation framework into something implementing modern BDD/Specification by Example standards.

major consultancy cloud inventory

| infrastructure discovery & tracking service
jul 17 - mar 18 | toolstack: javascript, cucumber.js, node.js, mocha & chai, aws lambda, groovy

Consulting and advising the quality processes for a team delivering a cloud discovery platform, implemented in AWS lambda. Platform has the ability to track costs and implement policy across their cloud estate. Building unit, integration and acceptance tests. Modifying Jenkins pipelines in groovy.

government cloud broker

| maintaining infrastructure across multiple clouds
sept 16 - jan 17 | toolstack: java, spring boot, ruby, cucumber, rspec, serverspec

Cloud broker enables gov department to monitor and provision infrastructure. Maintained and extended the Java Cucumber and Selenium test suite, and the Ruby infrastructure ​test ​suite.

ethical supply chain tracker

| tracks audits on supply chains for large multinational organisations
jul 15 - mar 16 | toolstack: java, cucumber, spring boot, mesos

Maintained and extended an acceptance test suite of a large scale microservices application. Test suite implemented with Java, Cucumber and Selenium. Covered both UI & API.


| foosball ranking slack bot
jul 15 - mar 18 | toolstack: python, theano, slack

A foosball bot that tracks and ranks players via Slack.

this website

| personal website
nov 15 - dec 15 | toolstack: ruby, jekyll, sass, html

Look around you! My personal portfolio and website. Graciously modified from

fallout terminal hacker

| videogame minigame assistant
nov 15 | toolstack: ruby

A script to help you solve the terminal hacking minigame in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas.

acceptance test quickstart

| web testing framework
nov 15 - present | toolstack: ruby, cucumber, capybara, selenium

An open source framework which to start web ui testing with in minutes, using the best tools and practices the industry has to offer. Includes headless testing, parallel test execution, browserstack support and automated documentation generation.


| hearthstone management app
jan - jul 15 | toolstack: ruby, rails, sass, cucumber, capybara

A light website for tracking and managing Hearthstone card collections, written in rails. A personal project deployed on my own website.

itv hub

| video on demand service
jan 15 - jul 15 | toolstack: ruby, scala, cucumber, gatling, selenium, ruby

performance and functional testing for the rebuild of itv’s video on demand website.


| test tool and framework
oct 13 - dec 14 | toolstack: vbscript, qtp, alm, .net

An enterprise tool and testing framework for the HP software ecosystem.


| government project
dec 12 - july 13 | toolstack: vbscript, qtp, alm

Responsible for automated test creation, maintainance and execution on an important government project.